Digital and Print Advertising and Creative strategy. Brand and Marketing concepting, theme development, identity, social marketing, print, packaging design, website design and creation and Social Marketing.
Your brand defines who you are what you do. It is more than just a business name. Branding is a color scheme, your slogan, your logo and much more. It is how customers identify what you do, who you are, and why they can trust you can do the job right. A new business has the advantage of knowing exactly what they are going to do and design a brand that fits that plan. An existing business knows what they are doing and that typically is a lot more than what they started out doing. If you have been in business a while it is likely your brand (logo, slogan, colors) needs an update to communicate all that you are today.


Shine on Kids, Schurman Machine inc, Rafael Town Center

Your logo is more than a picture… it defines who your are, what you do, and why your different from your competitors. Customers are constantly amazed by Traci’s concepts and we enjoy teaming with our customers to create the perfect look, feel, brand and message to present your business in a single image. Your logo is the foundation of your brand concept.


Columbia Eco Travel, Viking Fishing Company, Green Frog Toys

Website design and creation must be attractive, functional, the information immediately consumable, and immediately actionable or you are loosing customers. Make it to much work to find the information they need and they will go back to the next search result. If your site relies too much on text to explain what you do then you are not making it easy for customers to work with you. We create sites that current. Nothing says “out of date with the times” like a website built with old technology.


BC Chiropractic, The Shops at Rossmoor, Gresham Station Shopping Center

Search Engine Optimization is about getting your site listed in search results. Unless you pay the search engine companies to be at the top you are going to have to work for it. There is no magic bullet to getting higher search rankings. It is a sustained, organized, campaign to lift your site to the top of the search results. We provide SEO with every website and work with you define your goals and develop a strategy to get you there.
Design is about balance, lines, separation, spacing, and the right color. With 20 years of experience with current national accounts, we have intuitive ideas for how to design to your market but team with you to dial it in just right.
Print takes many forms: fliers, weekly ads, business cards, tri-fold rack inserts and single page handouts. Below are a few examples of print work both nationally and local:


Ben Franklin Craft stores, Craft Warehouse stores, Clark Public Utilities Home Garden Idea Fair

Packaging design, Private Labels, t-shirts, clothing tags, product tags, icons, mugs, pens, billboards, banners and signage of all types. Basically if you can put a picture or marketing message on it Traci has designed a solution for it.

KEZAR|creative delivers — on time, on budget, and on point.